Pre Writing Strategies

Writing is a job that requires effective involvement of brain and making connections of the ideas that are freely floating in the mind and then consolidating in a manner that the end document is a compelling piece of writing that can instantly get the intended message across to the reader. For developing such an effective document, it is necessary to follow some of the resourceful tips that guide the writer to effectively form a good piece of writing.
One of these resourceful tips is pre writing. Pre writing is the effective strategy for compelling writing. Pre writing helps to gather all the information before actually starting writing and gives a tentative outline to the writer to from his writing. Pre writing bears meaningful improvements in the writing quality which is why there are certain strategies that are followed to carry out this important pre requisite.
The widely used strategies for pre writing are discussed below:
1- Brainstorming:
Brainstorming is also called listing. It is the strategy used for generating a stream of ideas that are centered on the main idea. The writer thinks about the topic and notes down all the ideas that float n his mind which are good or bad and then he later short list the ideas according to their relevancy.

2- Clustering:
Clustering is also called mind mapping or idea mapping. In clustering, the writer notes down all the ideas that come to his mind regarding a topic and then he makes connections of these ideas that are related to one another. This helps the writer to group the ideas under common headings.

3- Free writing:
Free writing is a pre writing strategy in which a writer writes nonstop about an idea without stopping or taking any break to edit the work. The focus is not on word structure on grammar but it emphasizes on generation of urgent ideas. In the end of the session, the most prominent and appealing ideas could be highlighted by the writer.

4- Looping:
Looping is another pre writing strategy that is similar to free writing. The writer undertakes free writing sessions simultaneously one after another. He takes certain intervals in between. This is effective for idea generation when a writer does looping or free writing for his custom assignments; it helps him to generate a lot of good and unique ideas.

5- The Journalists’ Questions:
Journalists are inquisitive and they traditionally ask six kinds of questions to probe a matter. They include 5 Ws (What, Why, When, Where, Who) and 1H (how). Similar strategy should be applied by the writer to probe a topic and gather insightful information on it by exploring these factors which give a lot of information.
These are the commonly used strategies for pre writing which are an effective method of developing a compelling piece of writing document.

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Providing a Medium for Education to the Talented Indian Youth

Education system in India is going through a developmental phase. It has seen turbulent times and some good progress too. But there still remains a lot to be done and full efforts of government are required in order to make an infrastructure in the country which could provide education to the masses and make its accessibility easy and common without any discrimination.

At a speech at the Kansas University, the Human Resource Development Minister of State addresses a group of student and shared his views regarding the future of education in India. According to him education in India has seen many ups and downs. It went through a phase which is considered to be the evolution of education in India. Initially the conditions f education in the country was very poor but with the passage of time, it has seen a drastic improvement. Good initiatives are being taken by the government to elevate the condition but still the state of education is not up to the mark for which initiatives on a greater extent needs to taken. Their results and impact will take some time to be in full effect.

Undoubtedly there is no shortage of talent and excellence in the country but what they lack is the access to channel their talents in the right direction through the attainment of higher education within the country. India is a country enriched with resources of all kind. The biggest one of them is the human resource. The nation has talents and skills no less than any developed nation in the world. The state of Kerala alone has literacy rates equivalent to US. This shows the potential of the nation.

The development of education structure involves hundreds and millions of investment which cannot be achieved within days. The state is making efforts because it knows that the progress of the economy is dependent on the educated youth and providing them the platform for education is the prime responsibility of the government. They are establishing accredited institutes all across the nation to help set a standard of education quality. For this purpose they consult accreditation consultants which translate them the criteria of quality education standards.

Conditions are not altered within days. It takes decades to bring a country on track and modernize all of its structures. Indian government is also going through that phase. Their progress has started which is evident from the fact that many Indians who went abroad to attain higher education are now returning back to their country to work here. The job market is improving and so is the economy. All this has a ripple effect and it will eventually strengthen the systems of the country, education system being one of them.

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